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Grow your Business with The Content Hero

Our strict process, custom link building strategies and manual outreach are important keys in acquiring highly relevant backlinks to your websites, which is considered as one of the most important ranking factors.

Our years of experience building relevant links for local and international brands have helped us come up with processes and strategies that are proven to have an impact on their organic growth.


How The Content Hero
Helps Your Business Grow

Grow and scale your brand with our link building services. We use our extensive relationship network, create a custom link building campaign, build powerful links through link insertions, and you can also outsource your link building projects to us and deliver amazing results to your clients.

Handpicked Sites

We use our extensive relationship network and pitch on your behalf.

Minimum DR

Guaranteed placement on high-authority sites with minimum DR 50.

White Label

Reliable and scalable link building service designed to help you deliver high-quality results to your clients.

Manual Outreach

We create campaigns and do manual outreach when prospecting.

Minimum Traffic

All sites have guaranteed traffic of 1,000 visitors per month.

Earned Links

No paid links. All links are built via manual outreach.

How Our Process Works

Choose your package

Choose the package that suits you best. We'll get back to you with basic questions to give us a brief background about your business, know your goals and help us create pitches.

Pitch to our extensive relationship network or do manual outreach

Choose the package that suits you best. We'll get back to you with basic questions to give us a brief background about your business, know your goals and help us create pitches.

Review and approve links

We'll provide a list of high-authority and SaaS link opportunities for you to approve before we build links.

Link report and monitoring

We'll share wit you a report of the links we've built.

Why Choose The Content Hero

Our years of experience in creating successful link building campaigns and building relevant and high-quality links can help you grow and scale your brands.


Our Latest Case Studies

Learn about our successful link building campaigns, the strategies, tactics, and results achieved by our clients. These case studies provide insights into how we approached link building, the challenges faced, and the solutions we used to overcome them.


What They Say About Our Company?

Learn why our clients trust us for their link building needs. Read their testimonials and see the results we've achieved for them.



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